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Verity Rushworth as Maria and the Von Trapp childrenThis is your chance to tell the world what you thought of the show. If you have been lucky enough to see The Sound of Music and it is one of your favourite things (or even if it’s not!) then why not share the experience? Send your review to – Please remember to include the date you saw the show and your name and location.

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wow watched the sound of music tonight at wimbledon theatre 11/10/2011 verity rushworth was brilliant as Maria and her singing very strong and clear,as was Lesley Garrett the sining and scenery were the best i have seen for a long time, thoroughly captivating and was not dissapointed with the storyline just like the film, still buzzing 2hrs later worth going to see.
Linda kebble

Saw Sound of Music last night – 20 August 2011 at Norwich Theatre Royal – absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!    Verity you were fantastic. Worth every penny of hard earned cash. Just glad it was the last night as we would want to see it all again! Better than the film – Julie Andrews, eat your heart out!! Best wishes for the future,
Julia and Barbara

On Tuesday 12th April I had the immense pleasure of seeing the Sound of Music on stage in Dublin. It was one of the most wonderful shows I have ever seen. Phillipa Buxton as Maria was a bundle of fun and energy, the children are mega stars in the making and Jason Donovan as the Captain played the role with such emotion I was moved to tears on a couple of occasions. How I wish this production was available on DVD so I could enjoy it again and again, I suppose I will just have to settle on making another trip to the theatre next time it’s close to home. The sets are beautiful as are the costumes and I still cannot fathom how some of the costume changes happened so quickly! A seamless, funny, warm show that everyone could not help but enjoy.
Thank you to all involved both on stage and off for bring this production to us, I’ll definitely be seeing you again in the very near future!
Kathy, Holywood, Co. Down

Wow – what a wonderful afternoon spent at Hull New Theatre today (10th Feb) – congratulations to all the cast. I cannot recommend this show highly enough.It has you laughing,smiling and for me a first of having to wipe away a tear at some very emotional points in the show. Verity Rushworth was a fantastic Maria with an amazing voice too – she was brilliant. As has been said before the scenery and www was great too – a big thumbs up to all concerned. 10 out of 10 all round. Thank you to all involved in this great production.
Denise, Hull

Saw the show a year ago in Manchester, loved it then, but this matinee performance in Hull on 3 Feb 2011 was even better – seemed to have more humour and more emotion.
Please pass on our congratulations to Philippa Buxton. She was fantastic. Such energy, superb singing and acting, and you could actually feel her enjoyment and enthusiasm for the role.
Also, well done to Max (Martin Callaghan). Judging by the audience clapping at the end, I feel he doesn’t receive the acclaim that he should for his important and effective character.
Children were amazing, so capable and confident.
Whole experience was overwhelming – wanted to see it again and again.


We have seen the show in Woking (6th July) in Bournemouth (29th September) and in Bristol (8th November). It got better every time.
Congratulations to all concerned. A very slick and beautifully presented show.
All the children are a delight to watch, true professionals and very talented. To have given so much pleasure to so many people in theatres all over Britain is a very special achievement of which they can all be very proud. We would like to give particular mention to Joshua Silverlock (Friedrich) who on each occasion effortlessly hit that lovely high note in the Farewell song as he travelled across the stage. Also to Philippa Buxton who deserves much more publicity. Her singing and acting are superb and she captures the character of Maria beautifully.
Farewell, Adieu, to all the von Trapp children who finish their tour to-night (20th November) feeling more than a little sad at the parting of the ways. We wish them all the very best for the future.
Anne & Stanley Johnson, Fleet, Hants.

I”ve still got a lump in my throat from the emotion of last nights performance at the Bristol Hippodrome (Friday 5th November) – and am happily humming away tunes all day!
I particularly loved Maria trying to talk with a mouthful of cake, and the scene when Captain Von Trapp first hears his children sing was a major welling up moment!
The scenery was awesome – especially the wedding scene in the Abbey – breathtaking.
Thank you for such an enchanting evening.
Lisa Gardner, Somerset

Would just like to say how much I enjoyed the Sound of Music which I saw at the Liverpool Empire on Tuesday 26th October – the sets, costumes and entire production was one of the best I have seen and Michael Praed and Connie Fisher and the children were really excellent. Thank you for producing a magical evening.

To begin with it is good to note that I have become a regular at this show having attended performances in London, Cardiff, Southampton, Sunderland, Edinburgh, Eastbourne, Woking and now Liverpool. I really love this production and never get tired of watching it over and over again.
So far I have watched every girl playing Maria and on Wednesday October 20th I made it a point to watch Philippa Buxton’s performance. This girl really surprised me and I left the theatre asking myself wether casting the role through a television program was really necessarily. Why didn’t they cast her from the first place? Her energy on stage is incredible and she gives an outstanding performance. Although I love Connie Fisher as Maria, I truly believe that Ms.Buxton is the best I have seen and hope that when Connie leaves the show in January she will be cast in the lead role full time. After seeing her show on October 20th I made it a point to return and catch Philippa again a week later since I enjoyed her performance so much.
Well done to all and looking forward to see the show again soon.
Pauline Grixti, Malta.

I have seen the Sound of Music show a number of times now, but this review is for the night of Saturday 16th October 2010 in Liverpool. This was my 24th time seeing the show and while one could be forgiven for thinking it might get boring or predictable after that many times, nothing could be further from the truth.

Connie Fisher starred as Maria, not long returned from her break for her wedding. It was lovely to see her back on stage and she seemed to have a renewed energy in the role. I really enjoyed her performance – enthusiastic, fresh and exciting to watch. Her voice has a very mellow quality to it –  almost soothing, and it was clear that the audience were enjoying every moment of her performance.

The initial scene set at Nonberg Abbey was very well done. The 3 nuns discussing Maria’s future with the Mother Abbess –  played wonderfully by Marilyn Hill Smith – delivering the classic song How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria with delightful expression. When Maria was informed that she was being sent away, her exchange with the Mother Abbess was excellently portrayed, with Maria looking like she really was desperately pleading not to be sent away and demonstrating just the right amount of apprehension of what lay ahead.

At the Von Trapp house; firstly, Michael Praed is nothing short of perfect casting for the role of Captain Von Trapp. From the moment he sets foot on stage he commands a presence on stage and superbly portrays a man who is emotionally detached from just about everyone; particularly his children. His reunion with his children was superbly done. Maria’s confrontation with the Captain over his relationship with them (or lack thereof) was full of passion and frustration, followed by the Captain’s sincere and heartfelt reaction to his children’s wonderful singing  and the realisation that Maria was right. The scene was so moving and I’m sure there were more than a few moist eyes in the theatre at that moment.

The seven Von Trapp children, led by the fantastic Claire Fishenden as Liesl, were flawless. One can only have the utmost admiration and respect for each of these talented young actors and actresses who simply didn’t put a foot wrong and oozed energy, enthusiasm and the kind of professionalism many adults would struggle to demonstrate. They brought the stage alive with favourites such as Do-Re-Mi and the Lonely Goatherd, leaving the audience desperate for more!

An exciting addition to the Sound of Music cast has been the excellent Chris Barton as Rolf and he really does the role justice. He has a delightful voice and is a joy to watch as he portrays the charming, slightly cocky and misled Rolf. He and Claire work well together delivering the classic 16 Going On 17 with fantastic energy and charm.

The role of Max is played by Martin Callaghan and he really is brilliant in the role. His infectious humour provides some lighter moments in the show in contrast to the gravity of the Captain. Jacinta Mulcahy is an excellent choice to play the Baroness and the scenes with her, Max and the Captain, particularly in the songs How Can Love Survive and No Way to Stop It work very well indeed. The latter I feel better explains the shift of the Captain’s feelings to Maria than is explained in the film version and was played excellently by Jacinta and Michael with just the right degree of resignation by the Baroness, and disbelief and disappointment by the Captain as he realised where the Baroness’ priorities lay.

Connie’s portrayal of a confused Maria as she realised her feelings for the Captain was excellent and the scene with the Mother Abbess performing Climb Every Mountain was extremely powerful.

The concert scene was particularly memorable, the backdrop providing a powerful reminder of a terrible time in history, with this wonderful family fighting to survive and stay together. The presence of the storm troopers on stage is a great idea. When I saw the show before, they placed a couple of them in the empty box areas in the theatres however it seems they are not doing this anymore, which I think is a shame. I felt it added more to the scene. However, the musical numbers were fantastic and Michael Praed’s rendition of Edelweiss was nothing short of stunning.

The scene with the family hiding out at the Abbey has, for me, always lacked an element of tension. I have always thought that they should have storm troopers creeping about the stage with torches looking for the family and only just missing them. I feel the absence of them does make the scene less sinister. However, I must commend Chris Barton for his portrayal of Rolf in this scene; he somehow manages to add more tension to the scene and that has made it much better.

The final scene with the nuns singing Climb Every Mountain and the family escaping over the mountain is wonderful and it is clear that a great deal of work has been put into the scenery and overall production to create a show that is spectacular and a wonderful experience for everyone who goes to see it. I wish I could name every single person here – the entire cast and crew are fantastic and I never tire of seeing the show. They constantly change it up and keep it fresh – the sign of true professionals who love what they do! Many of the cast are visually very expressive, particularly Michael, Connie, Chris, Claire and Martin and this really does add to the show. The attention to detail put into their roles and the show as a whole, makes it truly exceptional.

Hazel Pethick

Liverpool Wednesday 13th Oct

Where do you start ? at the very beginning 🙂
Fantastic show, Wonderful effects and perfect performances

Marilyn Hill Smith was superb
Michael Praed perfect casting
Connie Fisher never a foot wrong
Children were all professional and made the show

Have to mention.
Houssein Guney who played Kurt great performance
Claudia Hall who played Gretl ,wonderful so sweet and a great talent (where has she been?)
We look forward to coming back to see the show again and again
Pauline, Liverpool

Went to the show last night (1st October 2010) in Bournemouth Pavilion. I went with a couple of friends and my mum, I can honestly say that we ALL enjoyed it. Everything about it was superb, the cast, the scenery, the music, and of course the singing. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the production of this wonderful show, you are a very, very talented and professional bunch. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU for one of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had in a long time. From Mrs K. Arnold.

Date: 26 August2010, 7.30pm
Venue: Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Amazing. Heart-warming. Uplifting. Refreshing. A joy to watch. Just a few words I’d like to use to sum up the current touring production. From someone who is not a Sound of Music fanatic, I have come away with renewed enthusiasm for this classic tale.
The production on stage was excellent with amazing scenery appearing to transform the stage effortlessly. All the cast were perfectly suited to their individual roles and the whole show projected a great feeling of fun, warmth and of genuine enjoyment. Obviously, the role of Maria carries a huge burden for anyone but I felt that Kirsty more than did justice to the role and performed beautifully with a heart-warning and vulnerable quality. In my opinion she was an ideal Maria. Michael Praed was perfect casting for Capt Von Trap and I was pleasantly surprised at his lovely singing voice. A wonderful performance.
Although everyone deserves a mention in the show because of their wonderful performances, I must also highlight a couple of my personal favourites in addition to Capt Von Trapp and Maria. They are the Mother Abbess (Marilyn Hill Smith), whose performance was nothing less than stunning and her voice was incredible, I could have listened to her sing all night. Also, Max (Martin Callaghan) whose comic interludes and cheeky, lovable character shone through without being over the top or obsequious. I loved him. In a similar vein to this was Frau Schmidt, who with merely a look or a gesture could reduce the audience to laughter. And finally, congratulations must be given to all the children. Their acting, comic timing, singing and dancing were wonderful and a pure joy to watch. Again, as with the entire cast, they gave a feeling of real dedication to the show and pure, unadulterated enjoyment.
I could quite happily watch this show again and again. It was a real feel good treat –  definitely one of my favourite things!! sorry, couldn’t resist!!
Well done, congratulations and thank you to all involved.
Lynn Bluett

16th August 2010– Birmingham Hippodrome
After watching the sound of music film more times than I can remember as children, my sister and I have wanted to see the stage production for some time and we were not disappointed!
The show was fantastic and the cast brilliant. Philippa Buxton has a great voice and played an excellent part as Maria. The children were also extremely talented little actors and actresses and played the parts very well. And what an outstanding voice the actress who played the Mother Abbess had to hit those high notes, a memorable moment. I particularly liked the interaction between Maria, the Captain and the children. It was very believable and wonderful to watch.
Thank you to all the cast and crew and everyone involved in the show for a very enjoyable evening. I will be recommending it to everyone and we will definately be booking to see it again!
J Sampson

Birmingham Hippodrome – Sat 7th August 2010
My best friend took me to this show for my 40th b’day present – it’s one of my all-time favourites! and although I didn’t have any expectations about it (as it’s a stage show, not a film so sets etc will be different), it was beyond any expectations I could have had. I was so emotional when the Nuns sang collectively – beautiful, Mother Abbess was out of this world – what a voice! (she made me cry and deservedly got a HUGE applause at the end of the night) and not forgetting Connie Fisher… what a gorgeous voice and in many ways, she reminded me very much of Julie Andrews although she was her own ‘quirky’ self and had us all laughing too! I’m waiting to see where it tours next as I live in Berkshire and I would go again and again and definately recommend it to anyone!! The standing ovation at the end of the night was very much deserved by ALL the cast (and crew)… THANK YOU 😀
Celina Humphries

Saw Sound of Music. Matinee on Saturday 7th August at Birmingham.
Was fantastic! The cast were fab and the little ones were so cute!
Not sure who was playing Mother Abbess that day but God what a voice!
Sure made us cry!
Paul Gerrish

Birmingham Hippodrome July 19th 7pm
We just had to send a review of this amazing show,
I first saw The Sound of Music as most people as a Film when I was young,
The Musical is fantastic and as we don’t get into London much the Tour is a great way for people to see this great show.
The Cast were great and the little one who played Gretl (we noticed on the board outside was named Claudia Hall) made us all cry and for someone so young had great “Stage Presence”
However, all the cast including Pippa(maria) were top draw and the scenery flawless
Thank you and we have of course re booked to see it again! Who wouldn’t?
James from Birmingham

I saw the Sound of Music twice when it was in the Westend and was so looking forward to seeing it again when it came to Woking.
I enjoyed it so much when I saw it on Friday 2nd July (evening) I immediately booked tickets to see it again on Saturday 10th July (evening).
It really is a super production: the sets and costumes are amazing.
For me highlights of the show were:
– the wonderful harmonies sung by the sisters in the convent
– the fantastic orchestra
– and the appearance of Chris Barton as Rolf. His wonderful singing and dancing was a real joy to watch. He makes an amazing and completely believable transformation from the shy and bashful telegraph boy to really mean Nazi in the second half of the show.
The show has a very strong cast and I hope to see it again in Birmingham!

With best wishes
Paul Thurtle.

Venue Cymru Llandudno May11th and May 15th……Seeing it twice that say’s it all really. Sensational!!
I have been eager to see the Sound of Music since it’s debut in London but sadly never got the chance to go. So when a good friend of mine asked if I wanted to go (as he had a spare ticket) I couldn’t say yes quick enough. I was so excited to finally have a chance to see the show and a chance to see Connie as Maria. I watched her all the way through “How to solve a problem like Maria”, knew from the beginning that she was destined to play the part. And what a Maria she makes…..It’s such a joy to watch her on stage, her singing, her acting, her humour comes together perfectly. She is a natural. Michael playing the Captin he was wonderful, gave my goose bumps when singing EdeIweiss. But the moment that struck me with awe was the unforgetable “Climb every mountain” Marilyn Hill Smith has such an amazing voice and seeing her with Connie you could truly feel the chemistry between them. And how can I forget the children, all wonderful to watch. Amazing evening, amazing show and cast.
I was fortunate enough that on both occasions to have met Connie and some of the cast at the back stage door. They were all so touched that people had come round to see them, to show support to them all. All so very warm and friendly a delight to meet. This is a show that will stay in my memory for a very long time. Da Iawn!!
Pam Metcalfe

I went to see the Sound of music in Aberdeen on the 27th March 2010(matinee). It has been my 2nd time seeing the show on tour(I also saw it in Milton Keynes) and I really enjoyed it. Michael Praed is a brilliant Captain Von Trapp, the children were wonderful as usual. Claire Fishenden(Liesl) was really good-she has a lovely voice. The ensemble and all the other cast members were great too. Marylin Hill Smith has a lovely voice also.

Special mention goes to Connie Fisher-she IS Maria. She is just plain fantastic and a true star-she has a lovely singing voice. My mum came with me and she enjoyed it too.

After the show, I went round to the stage door and Connie came out. She was so sweet and kind as usual and remembered me from Milton Keynes! She signed my ticket and I had a photo with her too. After that, Claire Fishenden came out. She is really lovely and so pretty. She signed my ticket and I had a photo done with her. I had a fantastic day!!
Jen(age 15) Forres, Scotland

I had the great pleasure of seeing the show on March 6th 2010 and it was a joy from start to finish. Connie was a star; her Maria worked very well with the children, especially her interaction with Liesl, and Michael Praed’s “Edeleweiss” was both heartbreaking and sincere. Yet for me it was Marilyn Hill Smith who was the real linch-pin of the show, demonstrating gravitas and empathy as she guided and advised a young confused girl through her journey to become a married woman and beyond. Marilyn’s rendition of “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” had the entire audience captivated, and I was there on a Saturday matinee when there were lots of little ones present (who are not known for their attention span). As the curtain fell for the interval (and I reached for my tissues to mop up the tears), a little boy near me was heard to say “that was truly amazing” – in reference to Marilyn’s beautiful singing. Why couldn’t we buy Marilyn’s CDs at the theatre? Will she be recording Climb Ev’ry Mountain? If so, I will definitely buy it.

The www of the show was magnificent and the scene at the music festival where we, the audience became the “audience” for the festival worked very well. I would see the show again in a heartbeat and look forward to the opportunity to do so.


Last night for the cast and in particular Maggie Preece at the Edinburgh Playhouse. A magnificient show with superb scenery, wonderful cast and very emotional and nostalgic score. Well worth waiting over a year since buying the tickets. As they say, never work with children or animals as the youngsters stole the show!

Fiona Macintyre

Hubby, myself and 9 year old son went to see this last night at the Edinburgh Playhouse (6th February 2010). We all thought that the show was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. We all followed Connie on her journey on “How to solve a problem like Maria” and voted for her every week and we said that if ever she toured with the production, we would do our utmost to go and see her. We had that privilege last night and thought that she was fantastic – definitely worth the wait and more!! Michael Praed was ideally cast as Capt Von Trapp and was perfect in the role, the fantastic Margaret Preece was superb as the Mother Abbess, her rendition of Climb Every Mountain moved me to tears and gave us all goosebumps. It was our son’s first visit to a musical and what a fantastic show to take him to, he can’t wait for the next one that we go to but I know that this production will always have special memories for him. Everyone involved with the show should get a huge pat on the back, it was just perfect – we all left the Playhouse last night on a high and we can’t wait to see it again soon!!!
The Christie Family, Glenrothes, Fife

I went to see the sound of music in Edinburgh on 22.01.10 Connie Fisher and the rest of the cast including the children were really good but for me the star of the show without a shadow of a doubt for my money was the mother superior Margaret Preece her voice is fabulous, when she sang climb every mountain I could feel the tears running down my face it was so emotional. I would pay the £33 again just to hear her sing that song. This girl deserves a lead role in a show. If anyone knows if she has a cd I could buy please let me know.

Helen from Glasgow

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